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Reported by ibonill…, Dec 5, 2008
It should be implemented as a separate runtime.

Comment 4 by art.cowles, Jan 9, 2009
Being new to Appengine, I don’t want to learn the 2.xx line of Python with the new
available. If I am going to learn a new language (which I am happy about) I want to
learn the latest version.

Comment 5 by mark.hac…, Feb 3, 2009
I would like to be able to use FloatProperty in in the datastore. This does not
appear to be supported by Python 2.5.
I’m not sure if it is supported by 2.6. I’m in the process of moving to 3.0, so I
would like to see FloatProperty work with that.

Comment 6 by cherryp…, Feb 5, 2009
Like Comment #4 I’m new to both python and app engine. I’d rather learn the newest
variation of python while I’m learning app engine.
4の人と同じで、Pythonもapp engineも勉強しはじめたところ。最新版を勉強したいよね。

Comment 8 by, Feb 9, 2009
same here!! being new to both Appengine and Python, i did not want to learn 2.xx
version… I do not want to invest time in something that is not going to be in use
in future.

Comment 9 by joneep…, Feb 10, 2009
python3 is more pure than 2, i want see gae support it.

Comment 10 by MichaelEONeal, Feb 23, 2009
Would love to know if and when. Another newbie to both wanting to know where to
invest time.

Comment 11 by jmjdel…, Mar 13, 2009
I can’t justify investing in a dead-end version of Python. I will not investigate
GAE further until it supports Python 3.0. GAE is the best approach for my project,
but implementing ‘backwards’ is not an option.

Comment 12 by mitskin, Apr 22, 2009
Python 3, with the enhancements in the libraries and most important of all for the web, the fix to the Unicode
mess, would be a better fit for the app engine.

Comment 13 by danielme…, May 24, 2009
yep python 3 is a must!

Comment 14 by dyln…, Jun 2, 2009
I noticed several mentions of Python 3 being somehow better, less-dead end, or better
to learn for a novice then Python 2.x. There are obviously differences between the
languages but Python 2.x is going to be the dominant implementation of Python used in
most projects for at least another year and a half.

I would also like to see 3.x support, but it really shouldn’t be a priority above the
2.x framework changes that still need to be made to the App Engine. Keep in mind that
GAE is a huge project and changing from 2.x to 3.x is difficult enough for a single
python file, imagine having to make the changes for an entire code base. Novices, you
will see Python 2.x if you plan to be developing before 2012, so I’d recommend
learning Python 2.x as well, in fact, learning it first.

Though there are 3.x features I have to admit I miss, and since it’s 2.5 instead of
2.6, the future imports aren’t an option. A 2.6 upgrade at minimum might be nice.

Comment 15 by Airpower…, Jun 2, 2009
I’m most interested in the Unicode changes that bring a clarity and consistency which seems even more relevant
on the web.

Comment 16 by TerryL…, Jul 15, 2009
I want to see GAE support python3, but maybe it needs some time.

Comment 17 by galaxyso…, Aug 5, 2009
I agree with dylnuge.
Although I really really want GAE to support python3, I’m affraid it will too
difficult to be done in a year at least.
So, the best strategy for me is to start with python2.5 and make things as simple as
When python3 is supported someday, it will be time for me to redesign my app. I love
redesigning. But how about data migration?

Comment 18 by Martin.X…, Aug 17, 2009
ok, plz suport python 3.x

OK, python3.xをサポートしてください。

Comment 20 by ramg…, Oct 1, 2009
yes, Python 3 support is badly needed.


Comment 21 by shuxian…, Nov 6, 2009
py3 support is good for newers!


Comment 22 by dro…, Nov 13, 2009
+1 for python 3. With both django and App Engine lagging behind on python support, we
are in a standstill. Someone has to make the first move! You’ve got to do it sooner
or later!
python3に加えてもう一つ。djangoとApp Engineが、pythonのサポートに遅れをとってる。

Comment 23 by alligato…, Nov 16, 2009
I’m want to GAE support python 3.x(>=1) too.

Comment 24 by spesh…, Nov 20, 2009
I’m want to GAE support python 3.x too

Comment 25 by adali…, Nov 22, 2009
Please support python 3.x on GAE

Comment 26 by johnkdu…, Dec 1, 2009
Logically we can expect P3 to resolve the speed issue. Meanwhile, energy used to
develop GAE on 2.X takes from 3.X. GAE3 should commence ASAP as beta before more
critical apps ‘depend’ on 2.X.It’s a replay of Cobol74 Vs Cobol85.

Comment 27 by cesar.iz…, Dec 15, 2009
Not even python 2.6 is supported right now. See Issue 757.

Comment 28 by amos.t…, Dec 24, 2009
Please support python 3.x on GAE
Thank you so much!


Comment 63 by osmpa…, Feb 18, 2011
Please, add Python 3 SDK!

Comment 64 by…, Feb 18, 2011
I am very interested in using python 3 on GAE

Comment 65 by dur…, Feb 21, 2011
3.2 is released when is it going to be supported on GAE?

Comment 66 by coolc…, Feb 22, 2011
it has been more than 2 years now, 3 is stable enough…
3.2 is out, must wait for 4?

Comment 67 by moy…, Feb 22, 2011
Seeing as how Python 2.7 just got “on deck” (GAE Roadmap),
I’m sure we’ll get Python 3 support before Python 5 is released….
no worries…




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