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Hey everyone, I just wanted to post that the prerelease SDKs for 1.4.2 are now available for early testing:


Highlights of this release:
– Lots of XMPP improvements
– Prospective Search API (formerly known as Matcher API) now available to everyone
– Lots of improvements to task queues
– vacuum_indexes in Java SDK

-”Prospective Search API”(以前はMatcher APIと呼ばれていた)がすべてのユーザに提供されます
-task queueの大幅な改善
-Java SDK の vacuum_indexes

Full release notes are below. As a reminder, the backend portions of 1.4.2
have not been pushed yet, so they won’t likely work (though vacuum_indexes
for Java should be working). Download and enjoy!
まだ動かないかもしれないけどつかってみてね。(訳注: βリリース時のリリースノートの訳です、すでに正式版がリリースされているので、正しく動作するはずです。)


– The XMPP API was updated to include presence and allow subscriptions.

XMPP API に presence と allow subscriptionsを追加しました。

– The Task Queue now supports programmatic deleting of tasks.

Task Queue: 作成したタスクをAPI経由で削除できるようになりました。

– The maximum rate per queue at which tasks are processed has been increased to 100 tasks per second.


– The maximum number of concurrent requests for a single queue can be specified
in the application’s queue.yaml. This provides an additional easy-to-use form of rate limiting. The current number of running tasks is also displayed in
the Admin Console.


– Metadata queries in the Datastore now support cursors.

DataStore: メタデータのクエリでカーソルをサポートしました。

– Admin Console logs viewer now displays time as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.mmm.

Admin Consoleのログの時間表記がYYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.mmm形式になりました。

– Added a warning when an admin tries to upload a queue.yaml where the number of new queues and the number of disabled queues exceeds 100.


– Django 1.2.4 is available via use of the use_library() declaration. This version of Django has also been added to the Python SDK.


– The Prospective Search API (formerly named the Matcher API) is available for use by all applications. Applications will be limited to a maximum of 1000 subscriptions during the experimental release.

Prospective Search API がすべてのアプリケーションで利用できるようになりました。テストリリース期間中は購読数が1000件までに制限されます。

– Added builtin support for the deferred library.


– If Python Precompilation fails, an error will be printed but the app will still be uploaded.


– Added a –disable_sdk_update_check command line flag to the dev_appserver.

コマンドラインオプション –disable_sdk_update_check をdev_appserverに追加しました。

– The Mail API added KML and KMZ files as allowed attachments.

Mail API: KLMとLMZを添付ファイルとして許可しました。

– Fixed an issue where the datastore copy functionality did not work if writes were disabled on the source application.

datastore copy: コピー元のDataStoreに書き込み権限がない場合に動作しないという不具合を修正しました。

– Fixed an issue where mail from did not work when sending mail to app admins.


– Fixed an issue where the dev_appserver URLFetch API limit was 16MB. It is now 32 MB to match production.


– Fixed a zipimport issue on Windows which was not working due to path separators.

zipimport: Windows上で発生していたPathの区切り文字に関する問題を修正しました。

– Fixed an issue where the SDK did not enforce the 100 task limit for the Task Queue.


– Fixed an issue where Query.order() was broken for properties with the ‘name’ attribute.

Query.order() をname属性に対して使用した場合の問題を解消しました。

– Fixed an unhelpful error message in the Python namespace_manager.





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